Velvet Acid Christ:The Hand (Violent Trance Mix)

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“The Hand (Violent Trance mix)”
Artist: Velvet Acid Christ
Albums: Calling Ov The Dead (1998)

Ripping, tearing, smash the controls
Let it all go down to the people in time
Don't want your chaos
We don't want your stupid stability
Economic wars of destruction
Rip apart the fucking function
Wall down into the ground
We die, we face the sound forever
Now look back
Don't look around over your shoulders and hit the ground

Feeling down

Don't sin, don't clinch
Intervention of hate
Left half dead, completely mutilate
Scraping at the walls
Try to escape, but nothing hears
The beauty of life is slowly sinking in

You live your life of splattered soul
They make it fall down on the floor
Now you can see the light of death
Everyone just closes their eyes
Now you can now you can see reality
We live on broken TV screens
Now you can kiss it goodbye

You push it down
You let it end
You push it down
You let it end
You push it down
You let it end
Don't push it down
Now let it end
No fascist fever in the lock
Into the nation, in the heart

Feeling pain
Agony, stressed fate
On your knees
Bow down to the one you please
Tear it up now
Now let it go
This sound will not stop
'Til you realize
The game set it up