The Ataris:All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know

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“All You Can Ever Learn Is What You Already Know”
Artist: The Ataris
Albums: So Long, Astoria (2003)

Is this how it was intended???
The sunrise over smokestacks in the Midwest
The beauty of this abandoned factory
Christmas lights blinking on and off
All out of time in what used to be
Your pink house dreams
Of a middle class America

I'm trying to, believe in you
But all these satellites and
Shattered dreams are
Blocking out my view
Please don't forget
Who you really are
Cause nothing really
Matters when we're gone

Fell in love with his Keno waitress
The honeymooned in Memphis
They were married by the drive-up window
Trailer parks, neon signs
And an empty box of Lucky Strikes
All used up on the
Dashboard of America

I'm trying to, believe in you
This world has sold it's faith
For parking lots and drunk sincerity
Please don't forget who you really are
Nothing really matters when we're

You'll be saddened to know
The train tracks you once walked
As a young boy, are now
Nothing but a graveyard

Please don't forget
How small we really are
Cause nothing really matters
When we're gone...
I'm trying to believe in you