Tha Alkaholiks:Handle It

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Handle It
Artist: Tha Alkaholiks
Album: Firewater

[Intro/Chorus: Tha Alkaoliks]
Mmm, aiyyo gimme that microphone and I'ma handle it
Don't even worry 'bout it, we about to handle it
Alkaholiks in this bitch about to handle it
Pass that weed lil' mama I can handle it
Back that ass up beeitch I can handle it
Pass my drink lil' nigga I can handle it
Don't even worry 'bout it, we about to handle it
It's Likwit crew nigga, we straight from Los Angeles

It's the L, the I, the K, the S's
We still the West's freshest cause we started from the essence
Look ma no hands, they gave us microphone stands
So I can stand with two bottles while I dance with the fans
Dance with me, press against me, cause I'm reachin out grab it
Slappin asses cause CaTashtrophe's an Alkie chick magnet
I'm a beauty pageant judge with a glass full of buds
It's 1:59 they're tryin to shut down the club
Last call for alcohol unless you meet us at the after hours
Pull up to the front, yeah baby girl, the house is ours
Don't bug, spillin shit on my rug
I'm a Rollo with a motto, safe sex - soft drugs
Thugs in my mansion askin why the fuck is candles lit
I'm about to kick these niggaz out but I can handle it
The superfly vandal standin with the guns and ammo
If you scary change the channel (y'all niggaz fuckin up my shit)
Handle bus-i-ness appropriate, we L.A. street associates
I'm tryin to have some fun but peep this bullshit I'm copin with
Niggaz with guns got they, eyes on my funds
I cain't, walk out my door y'all might, pop me and run
Don't trip cause my pump made 'em run like Forrest Gump
Now it's back to the bitches, the bottles and the bumps
Pumpin up the sounds cause that's how we do
But we still partyin at 5 and L.A. closed at 2

[Chorus] without last line

"Hell motherfuckin..."

Yo the bass is in the place, sho' nuff shrugged your face
Like R. Kelly gettin sprayed with a can of mace
Girls get freaky to the fonky beat bumpin
Which one of y'all down, cause I'm tryin to beat somethin
We hold down the city, they call us the drunk flowers
If your girl from L.A., she probably already know us
So "Braniac dum-dums, bust the scientifical"
We much more than typical, bust flows like a pistol
The words I spit, are more dangerous than a bullet
Make the wrong move, I'm on your neck like a mullet
Big dog style, we Rottweiler pitbull it
Smoke a bleezy with a breezy if she ain't scared to pull it
Y'all women used to want us to just love and hold ya
Now you C-walkin talkin 'bout you need a soldier
I send this missile in ya I destroy and dismantle it
J-Ro in this bitch and you know I'm 'bout to handle it


Ain't it krunk, this is Likwit MC's