TRU:I Ain't Go'n Out Like That

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I Ain't Go'n Out Like That
Artist: TRU
Album: Understanding the Criminal Mind

Here's a situation say I'm jumping out the bandwagon
Down with the nation now the niggaz is named me
to be what I used to be
that was an ineration level I was soon to be caught
and tied in a knot for drillin a bitch I shouldn't of knocked
But I'm chilling with sister street and somi
Ny cousins beefin cause I like to be down
with the natural afro take a listen I'll tell ya like
This boy you really pissing me off I see nothing wrong with
a afer be I preffer I must darkle beaver, so now you trip
You blub it or I'ma bust you lip and now you got an attitude
And you act rude to my beilifs tak a peice of the attitude
She's not attracting me, stop harrassing me
And now her man is trying to look like me
Understand that I'm black only wont sell out
You keep dissing I'ma going to bust you in the mouth
Damn! I aint going out that way!

Im too black and too strong
I aint going out that way

Say I wasnt hurt bullets and chains
what about saying quit its all the same thing
what about my partner who lost his startum
cause he was drillin a brook, wearing tits like dom
but you still turned another G, chasing on white meat
she aint all that either is Jack, he's abusing my
sister and I aint with that, but I cant understand
what your sayin man, you fell in the plan and
now your part of the plan, nothing but a 90's house
nigga, ho do your finger relate to a female nigga
and now how your mad allright im good, sike!
Im going out like spike, you try to read my mind
to see what I have to say, I aint going out that way

Im to black and too strong
I aint going out that way

Left to right welcome to my path
lets say crib jungle, you never invite
me to where you live, cause im down with
this song, and cause a brother was born in ya
why should I hide and meet you around the corner
quite delirious, cause it aint that serious
turn a red, blue face, cause your inferious
plus im always behind it, I really cant find it
oh yeah, I got it, its my cousin im twelve in it
they use your bead essential, but you know
jail, it aint worth getting lynched and besides
I dont know a group with standards and beauty's
fruity tutti, pale skin, sticky hair, and flat booty
trying to floss it but I dont wants it, cause
Big Ed aint going out that way!