Pain of Salvation:Handful of Nothing

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“Handful of Nothing”
Artist: Pain of Salvation
Albums: One Hour By The Concrete Lake (1998)

'In time of war the first casualty is truth.' 'What broke in a man when he
could bring himself to kill another?'

We've seen it before but safe on our suburb screens
Now I am here in the flesh
A witness of war in this godforsaken scene
Far from those grey walls
See children with guns hatred and fear in their eyes
They shoot to release their pain
A conflict to solve no matter if someone dies
Protecting our interests...
Look around, soon there'll be but ruins to be found
Winner will be the last that stands
Lethal moves in a game of chess for the depraved
King or Pawn? Are you worth to save?
(What is the prize for this game we play?)
(And who are the ones that finally pay?)

If we eat more we'll get a handful of nothing
We'll be swallowing dirt
If we push more we'll get a fistful of enough
We'll be swallowing blood

They told me that we could actually save human lives
That armies would preserve the peace
And my work would save, solve and build bonds
Only lies!
And I fed their wallets...

It's strange how we speak of civilised views
While we buy that media warface they sell
A makeup for "Them" so we can decide who's to die
Cause we love it easy:

Here they are - take a good look at the beasts of war!
Let the rain wash that paint away:
Deep inside everyone's a mothers little child
Longing home, lost and led astray
And we prey on this decay!

If we eat more we'll get a handful of nothing
We'll be left with the dirt
If we push more we'll get a fistful of enough
I leave this machine...

I left my life to ease my pain
But I cannot find that cleansing rain...
Look around soon there'll be but ruins to be found
We can change - it's all in our minds...
[-D. Gildenlow]

Step by step hate controls every heart every soul
Every gun pointed at those we paint as Enemies
We provide what they need to let the game proceed
Stuck in machines somewhere we build the cross they bear
Arm to solve, kill to save... God I've felt how it smells!
"My land's my home" - we're blind!
I'm sick of the blood I find!
Step by step greed controls every heart every soul
Arm to kill, kill to live - God how could I believe...