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“Thunder & Lightning”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Bad Magic (2015)

What do you want from your miserable life?
What do you see in a future so bright?
Get what you want
Do what you can
You'll get more pussy if you're in a band

I always wanted the scream in the night
I always wanted the noise and the light
Standing on stage
The thrill never fades
The ultimate rage
Raving and fighting
Maybe you'll shake
Maybe you'll break
You'll never escape
Thunder and lightning

Life on the road is not easy my friend
You can't remember
You can't pretend
All of your dreams can really come true
All of your nightmares are waiting there too

I always wanted the dangerous life
I always wanted the outlaw delight
Stand on the stage
Promises made
Under the blade
Scratching and biting
Maybe you'll die
Maybe you'll fly
Fire in the sky
Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning

What do you think's going to be your reward?
Sixty year watch or a kick in the balls
Time is a wasting you don't get it back
Move out and prove out and always attack

I never wanted to be nowhere else
I spent my whole life pleasing myself
Out on the stage
Out in a cage
Shock and outrage
Slipping and sliding
Maybe you'll shiver
Maybe you'll quiver
Quick on the trigger
Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning