Motörhead:Tell Me Who to Kill

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“Tell Me Who to Kill”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Bad Magic (2015)

Don't you listen to me
It don't make no sense
The way things are
I just can't see
Seems like things got too intense
Stand up straight and talk to me

Stand up right
Keep your fingers still
Pretty sure I think I know you now
I just got to know
So whisper sweet and low
Speak the name
Tell me who to kill

Just tell me the truth
Can't you work it out
The way you live is a mystery
Hard to figure
Guess there ain't no doubt
Tell the truth
What do you see?

Be afraid I'm sure you know the drill
Pretty sure I think you know me now
Don't say it's unfair
I'll hit you with a chair
Speak the name
Tell me who to kill

So it comes to this
Maybe it's the truth
Dangerous is how it seems
Burning fit to raise the roof
Turn around
Tell me your dreams

Come on in
Tell me who you are
I swear to God
I know you well
I just have to find
Some blessed peace of mind
Step up close
Tell me who to kill

Talk to me
Talk to me
Tell me who to kill

Wanna know
I want to know
Tell me who to kill