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“Sunsets on Empire”
Artist: Fish
Albums: Sunsets on Empire (1997)
Sashimi: Live in Poznan, Poland 1999 (2001)

Studio version

And then it was over
And we took our applause
We passed the peace pipe
And thought no more
About the scenes that were missing
About the lines we had crossed
And we smiled at each other
And knew that the moment was lost

I let you snuff out the candles
I let you blow out the flame
And I knew that this time
It would never be the same
The smiles you had wavered
Tears welled in your eyes
And I looked and I knew that this magic
It was only a sign

For sunsets on empire
It was only a dream
I knew that it was broken
When I heard you scream
I know you can't believe it
That it meant nothing at all
And we looked at each other and we smiled
And the moment was gone

Sunsets on empire
Is this really the end
Sunsets on empire
Left with a friend
Could have been a lover
Could have been a wife
But when it comes right down to it
All I want is a life
Just a life

You said it never mattered
You said it's just a thrill
You couldn't beat it hm
Another bitter pill
It never was a habit
A one off just for sure
You never really thought it out but I hoped that one time
That you'd come back for more

Sunsets on empire
That's where I am
Sunsets on empire
That's all we have
To face a new beginning
When you're so close to the end
And you looked at me gently and smiled
Could you still be my friend?

You started to smile
Is this really the end?
Is this really the end?
Sunsets on empire
The sun sets on empire

Live version (Poznan 1999)