Zearle:Hackers and Crackers 2.0

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“Hackers and Crackers 2.0”
Artist: Zearle

Hackers and crackers
Set the world free
From educational software to mp3
We cracked the matrix and hacked into Gates paycheck
I gave you hackers and crackers 1.0 and this is two
Tried to make a song for the newbie and the old school
And I gotta say, that even more then before—my brethren I love you

You raised me on video games, you planned for my brain to be rot
I remember when football was just grey blinking dots
You tried to make it your money-making jalopy—they slipped can't you see
I lived it all, punch card to floppy—from zip disk to DVD
We were there on—every occasion—we that are the—digital generation
Then was born the language of freedom—my mind is free on the 'net
Underground media—gathering place—trade place—of things you don't bout yet
You fucking government stooge—I'm in your base—and I'm killing your d00ds

The best is free like Linux—open source we plead—Microsoft is shit to me
You drove warez underground—but in hidden FTPs—software and music still abounds
On the IRC we trade and clown—you and the software that should be free
Some use bottler—some use catchers—every downloads means freedom to me
See movies that I would never see, listen to the music—that I would never hear
Thanks to the hackers and crackers—I see clear—raise my fist and beer
Your encryption I crack—with black pen and on PC or MAC
I pay a fair price—if I wasn't living off ramon, beans and rice
We're in your network and all over your server like mice

We won't pay for your CDs no more
Fuck the store and overpriced albums
More money for the artists—not busting us is your problem
Pay the cats who croon—fuck these exec goons—and fuck a buck a song on itunes
I got a terabyte of warez and I know just what the fuck to do
I got it on a t1 and gave the ftp to everyone--
Hit me on IM and I'll give that shit to you...

Radium you know how I feel
Thank you for making my music real
Stank—my dog for support—leading a
Binary revolution towards our collective freedom
If you think—that operation fast—link—even made us blink
We rise like phoenix—from the ashes and flame to live again
We will remember the work of Kalisto, deviance, class, echelon, wlw, fairlight, apc and razor 1911
We retire your names in hacker/cracker heaven
Myth, keep doing what you do—we need you!
UCF and vengeance—we see you
The word crack is Phrozen—cause they keep it real

The Legion of Doom is gone--the Masters of Deception have passed on
Hacker wars are old fashioned—now we work together—make the net better
Godabuzz—got busted by the fuzz—dredwerks has gone back into the earth
Time changes and so does the year, one of the last standing was Asian warez
Props to movienight—make this your theme—and do Zearle right
Your overpriced apps I stack, two clicks, to Astalavista, and I gotta a crack

"Hacker breaks into server", "hacker causes downtime",
"Hacker steals top secret documents and puts them online",
Don't make lame ass headlines, tell the public what it's about.
Are you mad that hackers got into your secret files?
Or are you mad your secret files got out?
And whats up with hackers getting blamed for SPAM too?
We don't create SPAM, we hate that shit as much as YOU do!
The difference is, we don't go and cry to someone else
We go after those bastards, and handle that shit our-damn-selves!

Hackers are unbiased, we try to make this world grow.
No boundaries, no constraints, dissatisfied with the word "no".
Knowledge without limits, minds that will not be controlled.
They try to stop us, but it ain't over 'til WE SAY SO!
You call us thieves and criminals. You call us terrorists!
Your kids will look back and call us Revolutionists.