Yellow Second:I Can Awake

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“I Can Awake”
Artist: Yellow Second
Albums: Altitude (2005)

This one I can beat
This one I'll survive
If I could rest

With meaning replete
While hope is alive and thought suppressed

And when I look out
The universe slings
A shooting star
Don't want to see doubt
I want to see things
For what they are

But if I can awake
From a dream I mistake for reality
Then would you let me in?

And sanity blurs
Give credit to chance if it is due
The thought of it stirs me out of a trance
I'm coming to

Afraid to be right
Afraid to be wrong
Too high the stakes

While up on the fence,
Can I see the beyond my own mistakes

My energy is gone
And sleep is coming on
Be quiet let me be
Alone here with my dreams
Visions of happy things

Although it's pointless when
I won't remember them