Tim Rogers:Damn Songs

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“Damn Songs”
Artist: Tim Rogers
Albums: Spit Polish (2004)
Composers: Rogers
Lyricists: Tim Rogers

Damn songs,
they disguise themselves as excuses,
and a hundred other uses,
they're just smoky lullabies

Damn tunes,
they try to justify goodbyes,
wrap a guilt inside o' rhymes,
pretty sounding lies

Everytime, the wolves are barking at your door,
just throw 'em a bone and leave 'em wanting more

Damn words,
everytime i get a feeling,
I shout 'em out instead o' kneeling,
on the floor and cry

Oh because they're pretty things,
and i sure love the way they swing,
they romanticize everything,
it's the perfect crime

My baby, sometimes i wake up in a panic,
and think that i've got it, all figured out

But then, when you look out the car window and smile,
and i'm wondering if i'm that guy

All i've got are damn words,
damn tunes,
and damn songs