Theodore Unit:Daily Routine

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Daily Routine
Artist: Theodore Unit
Album: 718

Aiyo, I woke up this morning, with this track on my mind
Protein shake, and I dust off the nine
Drunk on the scooter, with the flawless cut
Push through the hood, to see what the day shook up
I seen Crunch in West Brighton, and he's gettin' it and
He's been hustlin', since three in the morning
What up, hit me with a dove of the Gerdess
Studio Laughing Dog, we puff murder
Ghost drop tracks, like a bat out of hell
Starks Enterprise, we be the new cartels
So I stroll through Stapleton, just to see Trife
God stuck at the P.L.O., talkin' to Life
Seen Meth at the LightZip, buyin' a Lex'
So I parked my scooter, and I stroll through the projects
I seen Lounge up posted at 160
Donna in the dollar van, fuckin' with the gypsies, so I
Hopped the fence, ride down to 55
Bigga Ben in the truck with Hass, ready to ride
So I slid in the back of the F 150
Seen Du-Lilz, on our why to the city
Clock' do movies, so we stopped to see Diddy
Black Rob to, on some "special delivery"
But now I gots to shuffle to Shaolin
To meet Big Jerry Wu, back at the gym
But the NARCS pulled us over, in the black Tahoe
Made me get out and strip down to my wallo's
What they mad, cuz my wrist all stocky
Bad broad on my arm, and my style too cocky
Last name ain't Balboa, but they call me Rocky
Come on, pa, told you, can't nobody stop me
Over the bridge, back to Staten Isle
My wife cook the big healthy meal, she my love child
Detour bar, eggs and steak
Man, she kissed me on the lips, and said "You comin' home late?"
So I jumped in the whip, jumped on the jack
I call Lord Mike, just to chitchat
Told me O's been lookin' for me for days
He at, Four-Forty house with an ounce of haze
And they goin' to the studio, to slay more beats
And he love how my music's been hittin' the streets
So I bounced to the joint, just to lay more tracks
Hit the ATM first, just to count my stash
Just relax, you know the daily routine