The Specials:Little Bitch

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“Little Bitch”
Artist: The Specials
Albums: Specials (1979)
Composers: Jerry Dammers

One, two!

One, two!
If you ever hear a noise in the night, your body starts to sweat
It shakes and shivers in fright, you go and sleep with your mother
She hates your guts, she knows that you love her
So she holds you tight all through the night
Until the broad daylight and when she doesn't come home
You have to sleep alone then you wet your bed
And I think that's sad for a girl of nineteen it's more than sad
It's obscene!

One, two!
And your girlfriend sweet little seventeen
She's got her layered hair, and her flared jeans
You know what that means? She's just a little queen
She shares your London flat
She thinks that London's where it's at, although it stinks
And when it rains you wear your hat, and your plum coloured PVC wet look maxi-mac
You tie your ginger hair back in a bun
You're the ugliest creature under the sun!
One, two!

One, two!
And you think it's about time that you died
And I agree, so you decide on suicide
You've tried but you've never quite carried it off
You only wanted to die in order to show off
And if you think you're gonna bleed all over me
You're even wronger than you'd normally be
And the only things you want to see are kitsch
The only thing you want to be is rich
Your little pink up-pointed nose begins to twitch
I know, you know, you're just a little bitch!

One, two!