The Mothers of Invention:America Drinks And Goes Home

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“America Drinks And Goes Home”
Artist: The Mothers of Invention
Albums: Absolutely Free (1967)

Here's a special request
Hope you'll enjoy it

I tried to find
How my heart
Could be so blind dear
How could I be fooled
Just like the rest

You came on strong
With your fast car
And your class ring
Soft voice and your sad eyes
I fell for the whole thing

I don't regret
Having met
Up with a girl who
Breaks hearts like they were
Nothing at all

I've done it too
Now I know
Just what it feels like
And just like I said
There's no regrets

it's about time to close
I hope you've had as much fun as we have
Don't forget the jam session Sunday
Mandy Tension will be by
Playing his xylophone troupe
It's really been a lot of fun
Monday night is the dance contest night
The Twist Contest
We're going to give away er
Peanut butter and jelly and baloney sandwiches for all of ya
It really has been fun
I hope we've played your requests
The songs you like to hear
Last call for alcohol
Drink it up, folks
Nice to see you Bob how's it goin'?
How's the kids?
Nice to see ya yes
Oh Bill Bailey?
Oh we'll get to that tomorrow night
Caravan with a drum sola?
Yeah we'll do that
Nice to see you again

La la la la lah
Down at the Pompadour A-Go-Go
La la la la lah
Vo do dee oh pee pee
Shoobe doot-n-dah dah dah
Ya da da dah
Na nya da da da da dah

Nite all