The Boy Least Likely To:A Balloon On A Broken String

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“A Balloon On A Broken String”
Artist: The Boy Least Likely To
Albums: The Law of the Playground (2009)

I'm not a boy
I'm a big fat balloon
Flapping in the wind
Floating over the treetops on a broken string
I've never been tied down to anything
Because I'm free
I suppose
I can go where I want to go

I drift carelessly on a summer breeze
I bounce above the trees
I try to be cheerful
But I can feel myself deflating all the time
Up in the sky

I'm a balloon on a broken string
I'm not attached to anyone or anything

Oh oh oh
Shoo be doo
Tra la la

I'm sad and alone
But you'd never know it to look at me
I look ever so happy up here by myself
But I wish sometimes I looked the way I felt

I'm a balloon on a broken string
I don't belong to anyone or anything

I know I look shiny and bouncy
But I'm all empty inside and I worry
That if I was to just burst suddenly
That nobody would even notice me