Steve Hillage:Radiom/Lunar Musick Suite/Meditation Of The Dragon

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“Radiom/Lunar Musick Suite/Meditation Of The Dragon”
Artist: Steve Hillage
Albums: Live Herald (1979)

We'd like to give you another rendition of the Lunar Music Suite



Lunar Musick Suite

The silver moon is rising in the sky
Isis is calling Osiris
The tides are rising in our hearts and minds
Lover and beloved are one
And so we find the source of inspiration
Born of the starlight
The Golden Pyramid opens up
So all of us can see
The way to be
The way to free the energy
All we need to know
The ebb and flow
Our lives and how they come and go

It's growing
The spark of light inside of us is glowing
The moon is full tonight

Meditation Of The Dragon