Screeching Weasel:Handcuffed To You

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“Handcuffed To You”
Artist: Screeching Weasel
Albums: Bark Like A Dog (1996)

It's been so long since that magic trick went wrong and chained me to you and I wanna get out please find the key cause I really gotta pee and I'm sick of having to hold it I'm tired of trying to write with my left hand and I'm tired of getting whiffs of your bad breath and I'm tired of being this close to you when you've got pms but you know it's okay handcuffed to you it's always the same this could be our big getaway but we're going nowhere at all and you know it's not all that bad sometimes it's kind of fun in fact so let's make the best of it and ask your mom to send a hacksaw in a cake pretty soon we'll get the chance to make our break and we'll smile and say goodbye and then we'll go our separate ways but for now it's okay handcuffed to you it's alright 'cause I'm handcuffed to you