Roxette:Half A Woman Half A Shadow

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“Half A Woman Half A Shadow”
Artist: Roxette
Albums: Look Sharp (1988)

Daylight is breaking again. I hide in the dark. I'm watching therain. You're out of touch. You're out of reach. What can I say, Inever wanted it this way. Love sleeps all alone. The coldtelephone, I know the heart. Yes, I know the kind. The kisses offire, turning to grey. I never wanted it this way. I alwayswanted you to stay / Wash my pain away, cause I'm half a woman, half a shadow / Love always change with the trees, the spring andthe leaves, the waves on the sea. Wilder than light the wind inyour eyes led me astray. I never wanted it this way. I alwayswanted you to stay. Oh I need you, yes I need you. Give me areason to believe