Robert Wyatt:Muddy Mouse (c) Which In Turn Leads To Muddy Mouth

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“Muddy Mouse (c) Which In Turn Leads To Muddy Mouth”
Artist: Robert Wyatt
Albums: Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)

What do Ann and Handy do after a long, exhausting shift?
Clean the spades and clear away the dirt?
No, of course not! Usually they lie down in the mud
Close together, just to save on heat

Work is split up, but it gets harder every day, it's never done
Call it peaceful, call it grinding the time away
Say that ditches aren't homely, call it boredom
Either way, Ann decides to potter off
How's that for brains?

Deep in the undergrowth
Handy sighed with relief
He'd come alone in the dark
He'd come again at dawn if not before
The morning cockrise
Meanwhile in the bushes above
Behind the towpath which goes along
Beside the canal
Leading to the sea which in turn
Leads on to all the major oceans
Indian, Atlantic, Pacific
I can't remember
The names of the others off
Handy cided to leave
He'd come apart at the seams
Endangered life and lawn order before
The more since he lies
Even under oath, Handy lies
When he feels caught between right hand wrong
I think he just might
Have been wrong this time which in turn
Left him with few alternatives
To relieving himself by hand
Alone in the dark
Hiding in the bog