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Artist: Queensrÿche
Albums: Promised Land (1994)

Waiting for the feeling to subside
Paranoid, I melt into myself
They say I'm to reach inside and find
The broken part of my machinery
Psychoanalyze the chapters
On the path to my darkest day
Searching for the answers
All I see is damage through the haze
Picking up the pieces of my life
With no direction for re-assembly
The one that lays beside me
Is sharing scars of my broken yesterdays
Will tomorrow find me hypnotized? Crying?
Mother Mary in control
Domineering stranglehold
Sowing destructive seeds
For the scavengers to feed
Driving the nail into my head
Memory flows like a river
With the one that lays beside me
I'm healing scars from my childhood memories
Tomorrow finally found me
I'm hypnotized. I'm trying...
To understand the chapters
Of the path from my darkest day
Searching for the answers
But there's DAMAGE!