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Band Members Side Projects

Jeff Ament side project.
Jeff Ament side project, Mike McCready plays guitar on Resonate.
Mike McCready side project.
Eddie Vedder solo album.


McCready, Ament, Cameron and Chris Cornell perform Hey Baby (House of the Rising Sun).
Eddie Vedder does some backing vocals.
Pearl Jam is the backing band for Neil Young.
Eddie Vedder does vocals on Against the Seventies and backing vocals on Big Train.
Eddie Vedder (Wes C. Addle) does vocals on Passin Thru.
Mike McCready plays guitar on Dying Days.
Eddie Vedder sings harmony in Girls Eyes.
Spoken word tribute album, Eddie Vedder does a song called Hymn with Hovercraft.
Eddie Vedder helps on Magic Bus and Heart to Hang Onto.
Eddie Vedder does backing vocals on Good Woman and Evolution.


Pearl Jam contributes Breath and State of Love and Trust. They also appear in the movie.
Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill perform Real Thing.
Pearl Jam with Jim Carroll perform Catholic Boy.
Mike McCready with $10000 Gold Chain perform Oh! Sweet Nothin'.
Eddie Vedder does vocals and guitar with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on The Face of Love and The Long Road.
Pearl Jam performs Hard to Imagine and Who You Are.
Eddie Vedder and Susan Sarandon duet in a song called Croon Spoon.
Pearl Jam contributes Man of the Hour.


Pearl Jam does Crazy Mary. Victoria plays guitar and sings background vocals.
Pearl Jam performs Porch
Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready perform "Masters of War"
Mad Season perform "I Dont Want to Be a Soldier"
Pearl Jam contribute a song called Leaving Here.
Pearl Jam performs Gremmie Out of Control.
Mike McCready with Petster perform "Electricity, Electricity".
Includes "Last Kiss" and "Soldier of Love"
Pearl Jam performs Whale Song.


Pearl Jam performs Not for You live on Self-Pollution Radio.
Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder perform Yellow Ledbetter.
Pearl Jam plays Nothingman
Eddie Vedder performs song with the Supersuckers called "Poor Girl".


  • Jeff Ament
  • Stone Gossard
  • Mike McCready
  • Eddie Vedder
  • Matt Cameron

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