Monster Magnet:I Control, I Fly

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“I Control, I Fly”
Artist: Monster Magnet
Albums: Dopes to Infinity (1995)

(Maybe I'll try something else)

Squeeze the back of my head now babe
Say the words just right
Slide the praise of the pneumatic monkey
Like your mom last night
You're in agada da vida honey
Take a bit of the cow
We can piss on a fake revolution
God is telling me how

I can read all the lines on your face
I can breathe all the cancer in space
I can love all the worms of your hate
I can live, live in the void I know I control
I control, I control

Get a title of your own, motherfuckers
Try to think on your own
The truth is hard to see brothers and sisters
When kings shake at their thrones

I could swear I was here last night
I could swear that I'm just all right
I can fly, I can get so tight
I can drown, drown in the void I know I control
I control, I control

Fly, fly, fly...