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“B Movie”
Artist: Mesu Kasumai
Albums: 3 Channel Metropolitan (2003)

I found america hiding in the corner of my wallet
It?s a well kept secret, thought that I had better swallow it
Before they make me spit out the truth
Before they find you?re lying about your youth

B movie, that?s all you are to me
Just a soft soap story
Don?t want the woman to adore me
You can?t stand it when it goes from real to reel
Too real too real
You can?t stand it when I throw punch lines you can feel

All the time, there?s a rule book in brittania
That no one ever waives
And everybody?s on the make
It?s not your heart I want to break

Turn out the lights
I?m thinking that I want to go to sleep now
Just give me a promise that i?m supposed to keep now
I don?t want some fool asking me why
When I find you?re finally making me cry