Matt Westwood:Hairy Pits

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“Hairy Pits”
Artist: Matt Westwood
Albums: Matt's Magnificent Music (& Poems) (2000)
Do Not Wash (2001)

I don't care about the shape of her tits
All I wanna do is see her hairy pits

It's nice to kiss a woman
Mess about with her bits
But nothing quite compares
To sucking hairy tits

I did that wrong again
I, I keep doing that

Nothing quite compares
To sucking hairy pits
That's the one

Don't give a damn about whether we fit
Long as I got me tongue in a hairy pit

Beauty queens
I think you look like shit
Caught up in the Media
You have to shave your pits

I think I'll let Jon have a go now

Thank you