Madness:New Dehli

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“New Dehli”
Artist: Madness
Albums: The Rise & Fall (1982)
Composers: Mike Barson

New Delhi at 3 am
Just arrived by KLM
Left the airport in the heat
In the bus strange people meet

Driving through the starless night
Passing very unusual sights
Left the bus at 5 to 5
Caught a taxi, started to drive

He thought I was a millionaire
And accordingly put up the fair
Dawn was breaking in the east
Causing this hot night to cease

Mosquito's buzzing in my ears
Grating sound of clashing gears
Burning rubber through the air
Taxi driver began to swear
The heat was burning, my head was turning
It was then the car broke down
Just on the outskirts of town

A camel from Derangdera
Silently passed by our car
A vulture circled high above in the air
I had to shade my eyes to cover the glare

Sweating in the plastic seats
Hard to breath in the increasing heat

Lying back my mind started
To drift into an easy sleep
I dreamt I was in New Delhi
Slowly dying of La Grippe