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As a new wiki site, lyriki needs to create an active community in order to prosper. This is the place to see a few ways to raise awareness.


One of the easiest ways to draw traffic is through Wikipedia. Simply put an external link at each album's page to the relative lyriki album. Use a link like: [ Lyrics at Lyriki] in the external links section or in the side template. if there is a place for lyrics.

I've created a userbox in Wikipedia for Lyriki too. Use {{User Lyriki}}


If you frequent message boards and forums you can easily put a discreet link in your signature.


A link in your homepage or blog about lyriki would be great because it creates incoming links to lyriki and thus increases the Google pagerank. Consider putting a link or even creating a blog entry about lyriki.

Even if you don't have a homepage you can put the link in user profile pages like where there is a higher chance of music lovers to see it.

Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to go about it, really. Just be enthusiastic!

What we're trying to do is convince people to use this site as their main source of lyrics. Convince them by showing them examples of how a lyrics wiki is much more superior to other lyric sites that are either not editable, editable only by a few moderators, filled with ads and pop-ups, have bad layout etc. Show an example of a good Album page where each lyric exists and is in a good format compared to the other site.


Digg is a significant hub of activity and source of news (mostly on tech). The sheer amount of readers getting their news from there is the reason why many a site has fallen under the "Digg Effect" (which means that the site took so many hits in a short amount of time that the webserver puked).

My idea is to make a post about lyriki, one of these days. If we manage to get it on the first page, Lyriki will be literally flooded with visitors and I guess we'll gain significant popularity. On this there are two issues however.

  1. We need a catchy title to draw attention to the diggpost. Check this article for title ideas and propose them in the talkpage ;)
  2. I don't know if the server can handle the Digg effect in case we do make it to the front. Nanenj?

In any case, you should be ready. I'd like to have at least 20 diggs from members of this site so if you're up for this, say so in the talk page of this article.

Some more comments on this, I would love someone to digg it again, it'd just seem tacky for me to do it. Dreamhost isn't -quite- capable of handling it, unfortunately, but if last digg is any indication, or a competing wiki's digg. It's either not a problem, or resolved quite quickly. --Nanenj 19:33, 8 July 2006 (PDT)
Lyriki was already on Digg, never on the front page, but it was in the "digg all" section - I know because that's how I found this place :P Could try again though, we've certainly grown and some new contributors would be great, the digg users would certainly like this place. Hmmm... déja vu :\ --268229 18:10, 24 April 2006 (PDT)
Damnit!--Db0 04:36, 2 May 2006 (PDT)

Lyriki as the default amaroK lyrics

I have now re-opened a wishlist of amaroK. The original idea that made amaroK have a choice between lyric sites in the 1.4 version.

Right now I want to petition to have lyriki as the default amaroK lyric script, or at least in the choice of lyric scripts of the newly installed amaroK. If you agree, go here and vote for this bug.


Here you will find images you can use

  • Lyriki Button :

Top 100 is the link for lyriki on Top 100 Maybe this could be put on the mainpage or at/around/near the side panel (Help, Donations, etc area), or in the toolbox?

Google Toolbar v4.0.629.* Toolbar icon

I've created a Google Toolbar icon that will allow searching Lyriki - The Lyrics Wiki from the Google Toolbar. Maybe it's kind of pointless? Since I personally only use Firefox when using Lyriki, since multiple tabs are a godsend for this. Without further ado...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<custombuttons xmlns="">
    <description>Lyriki - The Lyrics Wiki</description>

The icon is very crude, since I only resized mindless.png to a 16x16 .ICO file :P So, that could use some work :)