Josh Martinez:BC Trees

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“BC Trees”
Artist: Josh Martinez
Albums: Buck Up Princess (2003)

This is a glimpse into my life and what I like and what I do
When I’m not riding my bike I look out the window and watch the view.
I live in a city in a rain forest next to ocean,
And the mountains look real big to this native Nova Scotian.
Most of the time I write rhymes in the confines of my bedroom.
I like chilling in this city, but most of all I like its legroom.
I like how people here do whatever they please.
Vancouver, BC, I like them big huge trees…

Verse 1
Everyone can talk, I mean its not a crime
Secrets get told, some folks tell them all the time.
Like they couldn’t or wouldn’t try to test what they could do,
With their thoughts if they ever stopped to think that maybe it’s not all true.
All you ever hear is talk, talk, talk
Too scared to make a move and walk walk walk
The line like Johnny Cash and act shocked when you find,
The way to get ahead is to come from behind.
I root root for the underdog but still gotta give credit,
To those who know better but who still let it happen.
I don’t want to spread dirt and tell you things I don’t mean,
I used to be real dirty but now I’ve gone clean.
I’m using my time well and burning the candle
and it will smell of Sandalwood paneling
it’s a good thing this vessel has good handling.
Otherwise, I’d be shipped to shore,
I’ve given all I got, but still they always want more.
And if you're in the driver’s seat, they want you to follow,
And if you let them in, they'll feed on you until your hollow.
Ring Ring the telephone, it’s always you calling,
Crying on the phone telling me how far you’ve fallen.
You call a lot, I want to know hey hey…
Why do you call my house everyday?
When I see you at a show, just go away.
Cause you’re not the one for me…

They say I’m just some hippy, mama what's wrong with me,
I never say stoked or trippy, but I do any drug they slip me.


Verse 2
You know I won't stop thinking. I can't stop drinking.
I want a real woman not just some chick to put my dink in.
In my room it’s high noon, and there’s a showdown at sundown
I love the high I get from a gunfight but can’t stand the comedown.
When you become a rapper you open up your life to people,
Every time I do a show, I show a little more shoulder
Hold the mic like a lighthouse, keeping watch over the landscape,
Give my man an Ezra Pound, the 5th element is the handshake
Goddammit I can’t stand it, too many folks so serious,
It’s simply too easy to have and be a comedian

And ride the median between raw and delirious,
Oh it's Mr. Magic, he's so mysterious.
Synonymous made muse, I’m contagious when I choose
To be deluding the authorities and their outrageous views
I’m one of those whose paid his dues, but got a few screws loose
See I’ve made the best use of booze and bodily abuse
The boys meet to eat the breakfast at Bon's Off Broadway.
Another shot there buddy... Well yeah ok, why not?
A lot what I put in my body is shoddy and cheap,
But I can’t afford to eat that well and still have a place to sleep.
I keep good company and hang with the totally insane,
I love living this lifestyle where nothing ever stays the same.
With change comes the rains and everyone goes through growing pains.
I want to do my laundry but I can’t remove the stains.