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Here you can request a song be added to Lyriki's database. Before you posting here, be sure to search for the song using the search box in the left. Try searching for Artist:Song for best results. I you can't find it, add your request by adding the [[Artist:Song]] link to the list and, optionally, any other information you consider useful. If you're looking to all the lyrics in an album, do not request the album directly, but list its songs instead.

Thanks for using Lyriki!


  1. Black Flag:Damaged I
  2. Hammerbox : The songs featured in Road Rash's 4th version (The 3DO one). I believe the titles are Trip and Simple Passing, and are also featured on the Hammerbox CD / Album
  3. Plastic Flowers:The Wake 80's New wave band
  4. Fleetwood Mac:As Long as You Follow
  5. Fleetwood Mac:Tusk
  6. Kansas:Fight Fire With Fire
  7. Kansas:Song for America
  8. Kansas:Hold On
  9. Kansas:Play the Game Tonight
  10. Kansas:The Pinnacle
  11. Kansas:The Devil Game
  12. Kansas:Closet Chronicles
  13. The Gazette:Taion
  14. The Gazette:Zetsu
  15. The Gazette:Reila
  16. Týr:Hold The Heathen Hammer High