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Adding Songs Quickly

First search for the song which you want to add to make sure it doesn't already exist. The standard song page title format is Artist:Song Title, so Another One Bites the Dust by Queen is located at Queen:Another One Bites the Dust.

Type the correctly formatted title in the search box (usually on the left), and "Search". If there's an "Article title match" then that song is probably already in Lyriki's database (you can still verify that the lyrics are correct). If the page doesn't exist, then click "Create this article".

When creating a simple song page, lyrics should be typed inside <lyrics> tags (to make line breaks easier), just like so:

<lyrics>Some wonderful words
More words here
And finally some more</lyrics>

The {{incomplete}} at the top of the page indicates missing song information (album, year, credits, lyricists, etc.). For more complete song page formatting instructions, see Adding New Songs.

And lastly, thanks for contributing to Lyriki!

Searching Lyriki

Simply enter the artist and song name in the in the search box (usually on the left) or browse the artist, album and song indexes.

If you're unable to find the lyrics you are searching for, they may not exist in the database yet. You can either attempt to transcribe the lyrics yourself or post a request.