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Information Please skim Lyriki's standards before reading this guide.

Recommended Page Format

place artist biographical information here

* {{album link|Year|Album}}
* {{album link|Year|Album}}
* {{album link|Year|Album}}
* {{album link|Year|Album}}

==Members== (for bands/groups, optional)
* Artist Name (19xx-19xx)
* Artist Name

==Member of== (for artists, optional)
* [[Band Name]] (19xx-19xx)
* [[Band Name]] (19xx-20xx)

==External Links==
{{artist external links|official=URL}}


Simply fill in the appropriate information wherever there is a bold word in this template.

  • Replace URL with the address of the artist's website, including the http:// or https:// part. If they don't have one, replace the line with {{artist external links}} (read more about this template on this page).
  • See the sorting help page for details on sorting issues and considerations.
  • If you are quoting biographic information from another source, be sure to attribute the source, preferably with a link. Do not copy an entire entry from another site, even with an attribution.
  • The albums should be listed in chronological order (by release date).
  • Bands and groups have members. These should be listed in alphabetical order by last name and followed by the years they were part of the group, if known. Do not include the Member of entry for bands and groups.
  • Artists may have been members of a band. If they have strictly worked solo, don't include this entry. The bands should be listed in chronological order, followed by the years the artist was part of the group, if known. Do not include the Members entry for artists.
  • Remember to include [[wiki-link brackets]] around any band or artist reference.

You can look at Anberlin, The Beatles, Yes, Yaz or Mark Lanegan as examples.

Extended Discography

For more complex artist page formatting, see Help:Adding New Artists/Extended Discography.

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