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Information Please skim Lyriki's standards before reading this guide.

Recommended Page Format

| album    = Album
| artist   = Artist
| released = Date
| tracks   = 
# {{song link|Artist|Song|Length}}
# {{song link|Artist|Song|Length}}
# {{song link|Artist|Song|Length}}
# {{song link|Artist|Song|Length}}


Simply fill in the appropriate information wherever there is a bold word in this template.

  • See the sorting help page for details on sorting issues and considerations.
  • Optionally, you may add the song lengths or other information as shown here.
  • Please use an internationally acceptable Date format, such as February 16, 2005, 2005-02-16 or 16 February 2005.
  • If you do not know some of the information, leave it blank — someone else will fill it in later.

Album Art

To upload the album cover, just follow the link that appears once the {{Album}} template has been filled (at least the artist, album and released fields must have been provided).

We recommend that the image be between 250x250 and 500x500 pixels in size and in JPEG format. See the External Links section for some album art grabber sites.

Special Cases

In some cases, the link generated by the template can be of no use. For example, the template might generate a link to an invalid filename, or perhaps the file has already been uploaded to the site but with a different name or extension. In those cases, an additional parameter, image, can be added to the {{Album}} template indicating the name of the image file.

Whenever technically possible, the name of the file should follow the convention:

AlbumArt-Artist-Album Name (Year).Extension

Note that the above is not the name of the input file but the name the uploaded image will take once uploaded to the site (the input file's name doesn't matter, provided it shares the extension with the one entered).

For example, the file name for Pink Floyd's The Wall's cover art is AlbumArt-Pink Floyd-The Wall (1979).jpg.

Various Artists

To enter a compilation album or soundtrack that includes songs from multiple artists, follow the steps above, except use (Various Artists) as the artist name.

When you list the songs, be sure to include the proper artist for that song. The format should look like so:

# [[Artist For Song]]: [[Artist For Song:Song Title|Song Title]]

See Also

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