Guided By Voices:Unstable Journey

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“Unstable Journey”
Artist: Guided By Voices
Albums: Vampire On Titus (1993)
Composers: Robert Pollard

The poised tongues on easy street
Are shifting and delivering
The insidious snakes/the hackers and the meat
Are counting out the face of things
I know when you bring back sweet Dougy's? car
You don't tell him where it has been
He's funny and cool and so is your pose
Conditional love wins out again
I'm feeling good and I don't know if that's alright
Deep in the rot I can't distinguish day from night
But all of it will transpire
Transactions made through the wire
Kiss me while I still speak
Hold me as I'm too weak
Enjoy it...delusions
Pushing closer to the rush
Opening and closing
You recognize me--feel the hush