Guided By Voices:Sheetkickers

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Artist: Guided By Voices
Albums: Under The Bushes, Under The Stars (1996)
Composers: Robert Pollard, Jim Pollard
Lyricists: Robert Pollard, Jim Pollard

Cover your eyes, the light is too bright
your wisemen, they tell you lies
and what's worse - they curse
but still I love the bite
like flies or maybe mothmen
as they're attracted to the light - they realize
the night has come to baptize
and they will finally realize
and what's worse - it hurts
but still they love the bite

and I would like to die with you
I'd like to try but I'm not suicide
and I would like to kill you
but that would suit you fine, I realize
and I will not disgrace myself
by chasing you around to pull you back
and I will not give in an inch
you win before the fight begins
but it's o.k. - I'm over you

i'm over you
i'm over you
i'm over you

cover your eyes
the light is too bright