Guided By Voices:Ghosts Of A Different Dream

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“Ghosts Of A Different Dream”
Artist: Guided By Voices
Albums: Under The Bushes, Under The Stars (1996)
Composers: Robert Pollard
Lyricists: Robert Pollard

friend of mine, what did you find?
the fog of a nightmare dissipating
a rolling sign - better than mine
the ghosts of a different dream are waiting
a different kind of kiss
the souls of a different mist are rolling
i've been inside but missed
the ghosts of an opening fist are calling

the troops are led in tournament red
in spite of the ogre's trumpet blaring
a world of hate can't penetrate
the crest of a different shield you're wearing
a different kind of fight
keep those telephones-a-ringing
i've been inside alright
the ghosts of a different dream are singing