Greg Lake:Hallowed Be Thy Name

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“Hallowed Be Thy Name”
Artist: Greg Lake
Albums: Works Volume 1 (1977)
Composers: Greg Lake

There may be an om in moment
But there's very few folk in focus
Not the first
Not the last
Not the least
You needn't be well to be wealthy
But you've got to be whole to be holy
Fetch the rope
Fetch the clock
Fetch the priest
Oh this planet of ours is a mess
I bet heaven's the same
Look the madman said son
As a friend tell me what's in a name?
Hallowed be thy name

I give you the state of statesmen
And the key to what motivates them
On the left
On the right
On the nail
Still I don't see a man in a mansion
That an accurate pen won't puncture
Go to town
Go to hell
Go to jail
And there's bars and saloons
Where the jukebox plays blues in the night
Till the madman says son
Time to go we could both use some light
And thy will be done

We live in an age of cages
The tale of an ape escaping
In the search for some truth he can use
But many a drunk got drunker
And mostly a thinker thunker
Set the place
Set the time
Set the fuse
The optimist laughed and the pessimist cried in his wine
And the madman said son
Take a word they'll all wake given time
Let thy kingdom come

The madman and I got drunker
Till both thought the other thank you
And we laughed all the way to the stars
The optimist asked for a taste of the pessimist's wine
And the madman said son
How d'you feel?
I said me I feel fine
Lead me into temptation
Into temptation
I said into temptation
I need my allocation
Of recreation
I want a revelation
In degradation
No hesitation
Give me variation
Give me inspiration