Futuristic Sex Robotz:Back To The Future

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“Back To The Future”
Artist: Futuristic Sex Robotz
Albums: Hotel Coral Essex (2006)

"If my calculations are correct,
when this baby hits 88 miles per hour,
you're going to see some serious shit.."

my flows hit you at straight eighty eight,
miles Per hour that's enough to generate,
one point twenty one jiggawatts son,
and I'm on the run, from the lybians,
it was a straight jack move for plutonium,
and when they van rolls up its pandemonium,
one eighteen AM at twin pines mall,
is when I can pinpoint my total downfall,
now they say Doc Brown he was a lonely man,
but his time machine was a Delorean,
said you're gonna go back you gotta do it in style,
or take your ass on back down to 8 mile,
my life is flashin before my eyes,
and the bullets is flyin' across the skies,
they got my homie doc and yo he aint gonna make it,
the Lybians is comin back around I gotta take it,
jam in the keys and I slam it into gear,
stomp the gas to get the fuck outta here,
and if this wasn't enough of a disaster,
Libyans on my tail I'm goin faster and faster,
happened to be plutonium in the flux capacitor,
and now I'm headed back to fifty five with no passenger,
I wish that I had packed myself a travel kit,
cause Doc was right, hit 88 and saw some serious shit,
I roll up quick and I bust into a farm,
and I'm like hey sorry about your barn,
about this time I had the realization,
that it was fifty five in the U.S. Nation,
and now I gotta find out what the fuck I'm facing,
without destroying history in the making,
gotta find some time to collect my thoughts,
so I dip into a diner and analyze my plots,
a guy walks up "Can I Take Your Order"?
must've sounded like I had a mental disorder,
he said I can't give you a pepsi free,
you gotta pay for that shit, see,
just about then a man walks by,
he's like YO I'm talkin to you McFly,
I try to hold back a reaction that's kneejerk,
and Diff is like YO McFly where the fuck is my homework,
and don't jerk me around, or else we'll be fighting,
how's it gonna look, my homework in your handwriting,
so I dip outta the diner, my coffee I swallow,
keep a low profile, my father I follow,
when I find him, He's peepin' on my mom in a tree,
like hidden camera sluts.em pee gee,
he falls into the street, to my disdain,
tackle him outta the way, Like ESPN,
so I'm hit by a car and I gotta sustain,
gramps busts out, they jumped in fronta my car again,
I don't yet know it but I'm not in luck,
savin' my dad has made the timeline utterly fucked,
wake up in a room, am I goin insane?
a hot slut says howdy, my name is Lorraine,
I'm like what, what the fuck is this my mom?
it definitely is and she's comin on strong,
its been a common theme but I made it out alive,
now I'm headed on over to Riverside drive,
gotta meet the doc, Emmet Brown,
and find out what's really goin' on in this town,
you could believe me, if you're so inclined,
doc opens up the door and tries to read my mind,
I said I'm from the future, I know it sounds demented',
I came here in a time machine that you invented,
and now it's come down to stayin' alive,
I gotta get back to 1985,
eventually I manage to convince the old man,
and we head out to where I hid the DeLorean,
I hook up the camera from the video shoot,
and we see this old doc in a radiation suit,
he says Radiation suit OF COURSE,
because of the fallout from the atomic wars,
we keep movin' on and he's like Great Scott!
One Point Twenty One Jiggawats,
the proposition at hand is very frightening,
for that kind of power we'd need a bolt of lightning,
but you never know when or where it's gonna strike,
just like my devastating flows on the mic,
it might have seemed as if the fates had conspired,
because I happened to have that information on a flyer,
now I just have to wait, 'til Saturday,
so I can chill out and smoke weed everyday,
it might seem sad but I'm sorry to say,
the story just doesn't happen to end that way,
I'd say the fact bears repeating,
that I happened to interfere with my parent's first meeting,
gotta lay low and make this right,
so my parents can hook up at the dance at night,
but I run into some problems in this quest,
because my dad is a total idiot at best,
how can I get my mom to give him a chance,
so they can hook up at the under-sea dance,
the only way to get rid of all this friction,
is to use a bit of Science Fiction,
break into his house and scare him with Van Halen,
I tell him from this dance you better not be bailing,
to make a long story short, it worked out in the end,
and my mom's honor he did defend,
turns out that Biff was outta luck,
ran his brand new car into a manure truck,
in the end, I found out at last,
that my mom was a drunken slut who takes it up the ass,
and all of Biff's homies, I found out that they were,
too pussy to mess with those addicts of reefer,
and at the dance, I rocked everybody,
played guitar until my hands were bloody,
lightning struck the clock tower 4 after 10,
and I made it back to the future again...

"Why Don't you make like a tree and get outta here?"

"It's so hard nowadays with all the gangs and rap music"
"What about robots?", "Oh they're everywhere, I don't even know why the scientists make them."