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“Dear Friend”
Artist: Fish
Albums: Internal Exile (1991)
For Whom the Bells Toll! (1993)

Live version (New Years Eve 1991)

This next song
This next song was written 'cos as you know we're all multimedia personalities and travel about the world and things and sometimes we're away from home for ages
And I won a date
I know thanks you six minutes hang on
How come you're drinking?
Is, the score is there is people I knew at school I went to school at Dalkeith High and people that I knew for like, you know, way way back
And some of these people you never get to see for a while
And you'd often go, well ah Christ, he's fuckin' rocks down there in'e doesh 'e wanna mesh with the liksh of ush scum y'know
But it's still like that and think that you yin and probably most people when you get to the same thing you ex-girlfriends or whatever
And you think about these people, you know
And I'd like to dedicate this to a couple of mates
It's John Marshall and Rhona, Joe Hoey and Alan and stuff
And some other people that I knew way way back
And this is for youse and this is called Dear Friend.

Dear friend, it's been a long, long while
I've been meaning to write you
But it was never my style
But one of these days now I'm a family man

Do you blow sincere kisses to mistresses
Secrets on afternoons?
Do you wear your disguises, feign the surprises
At the questions she asks when she dares to accuse?
Does your past lie under a dustsheet
In the corner of a musty garage?
Well that's where I keep mine
Now I'm a family man

Are your horses still running when
The bookies' shops close?
Is the band still together
Did you ever get on the road?
We chased the same women
We drank the same beer
We came as a pair
When we ran around here
How are you these days
Now you're a family man?

Hands, c'mon

Buy a drink for the boy in my place
At the end of the bar
Give my regards to Nina, hey slam a tequila
And I'll write you at Christmas or I'll send you a card
And if you pass by you're welcome
To drop in and see me
'Cos it's unlikely I'll be round your way
'Cos I'm happy to be where I am
Living life as a family man

Do you still have your leathers
Or did you give them away?
Do you still dream of Joni and sidewalk cafes?
Is your Norton still running
Is the old man still alive?
Do you still get to Dalkeith
Is your rent still as high?
Well I suppose you've a mortgage
Now you're a family man

Dear friend, it's been a long, long while
I've been meaning to write you
But it was never my style
But one of these days
Now I'm a family man
Now I'm a family man
Now I'm a family man

Does somebody have the official
What's that?
(Why-aye, a wee dram)
A wee dram
I'm sorry boys, it's part of the house rules
You're not allowed to drink, it's just
It's from this marker onwards there's no drink allowed oh dear
Oh, great great great great great
Cup o'tea
What are we on?
Have we got a time thing here?
Are ye'self right on
Oh, eleven fifty-nine
And twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, seven
That's spot on is it?
(Get the family on?)
Come on in boys
Oh you might as well put the house lights up here
We're all one and the same, an' all
Ethan, bring the boys on, Stuart, crew, c'mon
(Hi guys)
What time?
(Five seconds)
Five seconds
Three two one
Happy n'year


For auld lang syne
(For auld lang syne my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
For the sake of auld lang syne

Happy new year
Happy new year
(Happy new year)
(Happy new year to you)
Happy new year

I think we should go with the gig in'it?

Ladies and gentlemen
Let's get on with this rock concert
Will the genlmen from the band please go to their places
Please go to your places thank you very much