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Chad VanGaalen is a Canadian musician and artist from Calgary, Alberta. Following a few scattered independent releases, done mostly on homemade CDs with hand-drawn art, Chad released Infiniheart (2004) on Canadian independent label Flemish Eye. Infiniheart, a collection of songs recorded purely for his own entertainment in his bedroom , was picked up in 2005 by legendary indie label Sub Pop, bringing the reclusive artist to worldwide attention, albeit with great reluctance. In late 2005, the album was re-released with a bonus six-song EP entitled Green Beans. On August 22, 2006, VanGaalen and Sub Pop released his latest album Skelliconnection, featuring exclusive artwork and videos from Chad.

Chad is also an accomplished illustrator and animator, and has made animated music videos to accompany several of his songs, including "Clinically Dead" and "Flower Gardens", as well as the Love as Laughter song "Dirty Lives".


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