Canibus:Talk the Talk

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Talk the Talk
Artist: Canibus
Album: Mind Control

People wanna keep on talking
Why can't they see {?} you don't wanna be
People wanna keep on talking
Why can't they see they're too weak for me
People wanna keep on talking
I guess we will see
People wanna keep on talking

[Verse One]
Yo, let's not talk about me, let's talk about you
Let's talk about some of the things YOU go through
Dealing with racists, being patient
Tired of waiting, what are you chasing
Sometimes you just want to just explode and spread across the globe
You wanna let the whole world know
'Hey everybody! Look at me, yo!
I used to be nobody, but know I'm known!'
Thanks to you, I never could've done it alone
Everybody that talked about me is somebody I owe
Even the G.L.O.A.T., he talked till he was numb in the throat
And I STILL took his crown with a unanimous vote
Talk about it!


[Verse Two]
Yo, you can talk about how I came back so strong
You can talk about my album and all of my songs
You can talk about Can-I-Bus the rapper
What's his name, Nobody or Rip the Jacker
Talk about my record label, Gladiator's the name
Cause I BEEN a gladiator in the game
And I swear on my government name Germaine
That at Gladiator Records, everybody gets paid
Talk about the ladies, the kind that I like
After I get laid, we can talk about the price
You can stay talking about ice
I talk about who's nice in the rap game and who got stripes
Talk about it!


[Verse Three]
I got a passion for this rapping
This is my ship, I'm the Capitan
I control your vertical and your horizontal
What you talk about and who you talk to
You got a day job and you wanna spit a hundred bars
Naw, you gotta train hard
Take a man's advice, stand and fight
Sacrifice, that's the price
I'm speaking freely, nothing's easy
FUCK the TV, you wanna be me
I ripped the Jacker with his own track
Maybe I AM the illest alive, talk about THAT!

Talk the talk, talk the talk
Talk the talk, talk the talk


People wanna keep on talking