Boole:2000 and None

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“2000 and None”
Artist: Boole
Albums: The Vital Few (2008)

Build me my thought guitar,
I want my aero-car.
I need my moving sidewalks,
Talk to robots, every single day.

Fly me into zero Gs,
Blind me with LEDs,
I long to be appeased, by
Things that make me feel
I'm more than man.

Where is our odyssey?
In this technology?
It's such an oddity.
Maybe I have blinked and missed it?
Or maybe it's a futuristic lie?

No stars to align the date.
No walking without weight.
Endeared by fear of fate,
So we abate it, in a lazy dream.

No towns floating in the air.
No voyage, we don't care.

Ignore the poor and don't explore.
We just need pain and popcorn war.

Explorers are whores for a warring nation.
So settle for some sci-fi calculation.

I wanna reach for the sky!
I wanna find out why!

Go on and promote our team.
Have astronaut ice cream.
You're just a simulation,

Show the nation every loyalty.
Tune in for the laser wars.
Try not to ponder Mars.
Who needs it anyway?
I wonder, what would Galileo say?