Anemonia:Hide Safely

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“Hide Safely”
Artist: Anemonia
Albums: Moonlit Numina (2009)

The Moonlight shines to me
It reaches me, into my humble bedroom
I feel that I could flee

It seems that I can see
All the eyes, from forests that never dies
The tears fall into me

Through the trees, on the ground
Lies the light seeked for so long
Through the branches and the caves
Sings a voice with unknown words

Seems a voice into me
Sings to me, in unspoken tongues
Her words I can now see

Telling me,
Soon you will see the sea
Fly the sky, and ride the stars
Telling me,
She is Eternity


She opened all my ears
And I heard such wonders

I have heard,
Enchanting melodies
From the roses and from the thunder
This is all,
That I can make of it
This is all that I can make of it