Anemonia:Enchanting Melodies of Eternal Nights

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“Enchanting Melodies of Eternal Nights”
Artist: Anemonia
Albums: Moonlit Numina (2009)

Beyond desertic fields of ice
Monstrous winds claim for their homeland
Defied, everything that stands still
Is hit by the cold in their hearts
Sung is this desolating
Victory, by the dead trees and the
Troubling choirs of tortured wind
Enchanting melodies of the Dark

Beyond the magnanimity
Of white snow’s claimed purple gardens
One grand crystal palace was built
Symbol of the ruling of death
Hidden in a crystalline room
Stands the only living flower
Trapped in a magic box of the
Only ice beholder of a spark

Lost once more, I don’t know where to go
Lost the sacred memory
I forgot, where am I from?
One broken branch from the grapevine


Lost my only heart’s bed
No where can he rest all peacefully laid
Another lost wanderer was born
How could I lose myself so easily?


Behold the magic
From Gaia’s darkest childs
Relentless lips
Kissing all your sins

Seduced, I finally
Stood still against the wind
My heart was not cold
My heart was no more

In the realm of Forever-Night,
My one and… one and only… my only heart is lost

The only thing for me to do is to
Free the last flower from its wicked prison
It has the power to unveil the truth and the honor
But this Forever-Night will last until Aeon’s dawn


Beyond snow’s invaded lands
An infant hides and stares at the sky
Covered by the dying clouds
Of greyness and of emptiness
Beyond the Forever-Night
An infant deprived from her heart
Gets up and begins his last walk
She’s heading for the crystal palace

… where her last hope still lives