Anemonia:Cruel Beauties

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“Cruel Beauties”
Artist: Anemonia
Albums: Moonlit Numina (2009)

Take my hand
I will never let you fall again
Lay your head on my breast
I need you to feel my beating heart

Closely… in you…

So many tears were shed
Like rivers who cannot find rain
So many frozen dreams
Broken by the tortured wind

But all this time it was there
The misty sounds of the deep sea
And now by the snow its melody echoes… oh oh
Making its way to my ears

Never will a snow flake
Lay again in purple gardens
Never will one living wonder
Be all alone again

Beyond this Forever-Night
The dead grey fades away
Beyond the night’s crisped sky
The Moonlight gently smiles

- chorus-

Closely into your frail body

So many mysteries
Lies in the sea’s Cruel Beauties
So many living wonders
Sing their dreams to others

Never will I doubt again
The return of the rain
Never will I feel again
The fear of the Crystal pain

Beyond her motherly hands
Is where all the beauty stands
Beyond her comforting breast
My heart found a place to rest