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| song    = Black Magick Curse
| song    = Black Magick Curse
| artist  = Vital Remains
| artist  = Vital Remains

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“Black Magick Curse”
Artist: Vital Remains
Albums: Dawn of the Apocalypse (2000)

Messengers of doom come forth and destroy
Move and appear, blasting winds which multiply
Sorcery... Thoth
Voodoo... Damballa
Black... Tchort
Magick... O-Yama curse!
I summon thee from the hot winds of hell
Appear and serve me well for I command thee
Sorcery... Astaroth
Voodoo... Behemoth
Black... Marduk
Magick... Euronymous curse!
I am the One and the same
The true worshipper of the highest, ineffable King of Hell
Mighty light and burning flame
O' how you glorify and unveil the truth through your
Hallowed words of wisdom
Destroy - those who would try to stop me
Destroy - all that would lead me into harms way
Destroy - those who wish me ill success
Destroy - all that is fucking holy you are the stagnante ones
Slaves... you will achieve nothing
Hail the Great Tempter for he is not silent
Black magick curse