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I have 56k (more like 28k =P ) and the loading of the page is fine. If you were to add the album art to the page, it would still be fine-as long as it's not monstrosily large =P

You should do whatever you feel is best =)

Crap, I put the reply in the wrong page, sorry


I'm sure we'll figure out how to navigate the talk replies, Wiki, although it's been around a long while is something that's -still- growing and maturing as far as how it's used.

I looked around at the Mediawiki sites and such for a solution to some of the spam, and the best I can find has to with the blocklist. I'll have to contact Evelyn as she's kindly providing the hosting space for me, and have her edit the configuration file. Hopefully that will deter a -great- bit of the linking without negative side effects.

I'd really hate to kill the wiki's ability for anonymous (well, IP only) based editing. As to me that's one of the things that makes wiki neat.

Nanenj 00:03, 22 Dec 2005 (PST)