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Thanks for all the assistance in getting rid of spam x.x; It's been hitting a lot more past few days and I've fallen behind. It's much appreciated. Will get to banning some more IPs ;)

I really need to remember to sign in when I make my edits and such.

Anyways! The queen discography looks rather nice, the only caveat that crosses my mind is that if it were to resemble the entry I made with album art for Audioslave, that it would be a bit hectic for 56k modem users to load. It's only a minor consideration, just something that stumbled into my brain as I was trying to imagine editing the album art in for each album ;) Admittedly, it'd look very pretty. I just might wonder if doing seperate albums whilst having more pages to maintain might still be better?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Nanenj 21:42, 21 Dec 2005 (PST)

Old vs New

I get what you mean. Really, the thing is, I'm correcting one thing, then I see the other thing needs updated as well, so I do that. But, for 2pac for example, there's no way I can update them all, but I'd have a really hard time leaving that one as is. I'll try.

More importantly, I'm curious as to why you like the old format vs. the new? I mean, I know that people have preferences in the album/discography, but why the lyrics page?

The biggest thing I think that templates have going for them is that, if we decided to change the format, add color, change fonts, etc., the templates set us up for doing that across the board, quickly.

In any case, let me know so I can stop updating 'em if you want me to. Seeya, Peter


Hey, you mentioned getting/making a bot. Do you have any suggestions on how to start here? I'm pretty good with Java and could get something set up there pretty easily. Any ideas? Thanks --risser 18:38, 22 March 2006 (PST)