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:Ah I see, I thought you were doing it for the hell of it xD
:Ah I see, I thought you were doing it for the hell of it xD
| artist = (Various Artists)
| artist = (Various Artists)
| album = Hip Hop For Respect
| album = Hip Hop For Respect

Latest revision as of 15:26, 25 December 2007

Thanks for all the assistance in getting rid of spam x.x; It's been hitting a lot more past few days and I've fallen behind. It's much appreciated. Will get to banning some more IPs ;)

I really need to remember to sign in when I make my edits and such.

Anyways! The queen discography looks rather nice, the only caveat that crosses my mind is that if it were to resemble the entry I made with album art for Audioslave, that it would be a bit hectic for 56k modem users to load. It's only a minor consideration, just something that stumbled into my brain as I was trying to imagine editing the album art in for each album ;) Admittedly, it'd look very pretty. I just might wonder if doing seperate albums whilst having more pages to maintain might still be better?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Nanenj 21:42, 21 Dec 2005 (PST)

Old vs New

I get what you mean. Really, the thing is, I'm correcting one thing, then I see the other thing needs updated as well, so I do that. But, for 2pac for example, there's no way I can update them all, but I'd have a really hard time leaving that one as is. I'll try.

More importantly, I'm curious as to why you like the old format vs. the new? I mean, I know that people have preferences in the album/discography, but why the lyrics page?

The biggest thing I think that templates have going for them is that, if we decided to change the format, add color, change fonts, etc., the templates set us up for doing that across the board, quickly.

In any case, let me know so I can stop updating 'em if you want me to. Seeya, Peter

Ah I see, I thought you were doing it for the hell of it xD
“One Four Love Pt. 1”
Artist: (Various Artists)
Albums: Hip Hop For Respect (2000)
I like the older format because it looks more like it "belongs" there (in its own habitat xD); it just sits at the top nicely instead of being placed in the middle of nowhere, inside the actual lyrics, etc. plus the old format allows for more information without the need for something to be expanded. Eg. compare the old format against the new format (to the right), it just doesn't work with this type of song (probably bad example, couldn't think of anything else with many artists)
I don't know if you can list multiple artists, but if you could, it just wouldn't suit the style of the site and look completely weird. Also the old format is much easier to make, any person could do it, with SSong, I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing xD SSong was a great (unique) idea, but it just doesn't seem like it was pulled off right - it's just not flexible enough to meet the demands of some of the more complex songs (and still look good/natural).
I do agree about the usage of templates though (the color, format, etc. part), I would just like to see it done nicer
I hope you know what I mean, I suck at explaining things (Is this even the right way of answering a wiki reply thing?) XD--268229 23:36, 22 March 2006 (PST)
Update, I found a good example of how obtrusive that template can be: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:Someday I Suppose, in my opinion, nothing should interfere with the actual lyrics :\--268229 16:45, 25 March 2006 (PST)
What do you find obtrusive about the "Someday I Suppose" example? It seems perfectly fine to me... in fact in interferes less with the lyrics than the style you keep using (and which will have to be redone by someone else). It just seems like you're putting in a helluva lot of wasted effort at pushing the old style on everything.
It got fixed quickly, but if you check the version of which I was referring to [1] you'll see what I mean :) By obtrusive I mean the new format is actually inside the lyrics area and I feel that nothing should remotely interfere with the lyrics, the old format at least sat the top in its own section and could in no way interfere with the actual lyrics. I've got an arguement of pros and cons for both format somewhere on my PC if you're interested. I don't see it as wasted effort anyway ;) Thanks for dropping by. --268229 23:34, 30 May 2006 (PDT)
the old version does look very weird, though with the line breaks at the newer page it looks a lot nicer. I like that there's a strict distinction between where the lyrics start, and where the extraneous content (the album/artist information) is. that it's set away in the other half of the page. With the "new" format, both the lyrics and information start at the top of the page, and it's all easy to find. --ahoier 15:56, 31 May 2006 (PDT)


Hey, you mentioned getting/making a bot. Do you have any suggestions on how to start here? I'm pretty good with Java and could get something set up there pretty easily. Any ideas? Thanks --risser 18:38, 22 March 2006 (PST)

I don't know anything on making bots, you should probably see User:Bailey (who made the lyrics extension) or somebody else who knows this stuff, better yet, steal some experienced bot maker from wikipedia ;P A bot would save you a hell of a lot of time converting the pages--268229 23:39, 22 March 2006 (PST)

Space or no space

I just wanted to know about the moving of the Warning: album by Green Day from




We need to set a standard: either space between artist and album, or no space. Also, if you delete that page then the redirect you put there won't work. Instead, I suggest moving the page? All the other links in the Green Day section are like that; should they all be moved to the correct format?Bioarchie1234 06:44, 16 April 2006 (PDT)

I see what you mean, The correct format is without the space, I guess the original creator of the artist page didn't know. I'll go fix it all now, thanks for addressing this issue :) --268229 16:02, 16 April 2006 (PDT)
How long do you reckon it will take for the administrators to get round to deleting the incorrect pages (e.g ones with a space before the album title)? There's one for Warning:, and one for American Idiot. If you click on the link, then add an underscore before the title, you get redirected back to the page without an underscore. However, if you follow the link back to the incorrect page, it still exists for those two albums. Oh, by the way, are you an administrator?

Bioarchie1234 13:01, 17 April 2006 (PDT)

Haha, no, I'm not an administrator. To see the administrators look at the User List Page. I have no idea when one of them will get to deleting those pages - it's long over due :(. If you see any other pages that need fixed, please contact either me or one of the other active members (such as MindlessXD) and we'll get on it :) --268229 00:03, 18 April 2006 (PDT)

[Removed comment about the commercial wiki.] Also as a side note, lyriki was founded long, long before this other one, which was only formed around April 6th, 2006. It had a bot scrape lyrics from sites (which most likely means lots of errors.)

I don't know about any other Lyrics Wiki (Lyriki was the first one I found), so I can't really answer that. There's a small, but dedicated team here, we try to keep it to a high quality of standard so there's going to be hell of a lot of edits ;) Hope you stick around and help out with the lyrics for your favorite artists and/or songs. --268229 02:19, 18 April 2006 (PDT)
Yep, I'm sticking!Thanks for your help and happy editing. Bioarchie1234 23:22, 18 April 2006 (PDT)


Just wanting to know if you're interested --Nanenj 14:42, 27 April 2006 (PDT)

Not sure, what would I have to do as a promoted user? --268229 19:44, 28 April 2006 (PDT)
Mostly, you'd have access to the luverly delete function that we currently don't use often enough :). As well as being an iconic member of Lyriki and all the pride and um special stuff that comes with it or something :P (Ok, ok, basically you get to delete stuff :P) --Nanenj 20:11, 28 April 2006 (PDT)
Delete stuff? Sounds good, I accept your offer. :) --268229 21:03, 28 April 2006 (PDT)

Agnostic Front Content

yes, the Agnostic Front page was empty, I just added the categorization as a placeholder sort of ;) Will be working on that discography in the coming days I guess. I see you started the Discography with full-song list. Do you mind if I use the 'recommended' page format (with bio, albums, members, then links)? --ahoier 19:05, 21 May 2006 (PDT)

No problem, do what you like as long as the song links get added ;) --268229 22:06, 22 May 2006 (PDT)
Alright, fixed it up ;) Along with some other pages with your notes ;) --ahoier 04:47, 23 May 2006 (PDT)