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Thanks for the contribution, not sure if you're an older user of lyriki or just one that read the guides :) Did a good job on most of it :) The error is on how you linked to the album. Album links are [[Artist:Album (Year)|Album]]

So, for the System Of A Down Mesmerize album, you'd do [[System Of A Down:Mesmerize (2005)|System Of A Down]]. I've currently left this uncorrected to give you a chance to fix it, but, someone else might come and do it anyways :) Just take note for future reference and thanks for contributing to Lyriki :) --Nanenj 16:03, 15 January 2006 (PST)

Actually just a new user who got sick of seeing this song with incorrect or misspelled lyrics on other sites. I just copied the formatting from another song and put in the correct lyrics. Just now added another commonly mixed up song, but forgot to log in to my newly created account (Afgncaap) before posting it. I do hope this site gets hugely popular, because a wiki-based lyrics site is just what we need! --Afgncaap 10:41, 1 February 2006 (PST)

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