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Revision as of 22:47, 2 May 2006 by Nanenj (talk | contribs) (Minor Leave.)
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Lyriki Founder. (Sounds much more modest then the god entry someone put 'ere :P)

I'm on a minor leave, some other occurances regarding the rip-off site have simply pissed me off too much to want to deal with any aspect of it.

Turns out the other site is hosted on the same service, dreamhost has chosen it as site of the month, despite lyriki being hosted on the same service for much longer period of time. I've fired off e-mails at dreamhost regarding this. But, seeing how a nwe site gets site of the month the very month it was formed, Sean probably has ins at dreamhost that will make it not matter a damn.

I'm just much too pissed off to do anything civil, and would only make things worse if I stuck around while in this mood.

--Nanenj 22:47, 2 May 2006 (PDT)