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(Cleaning my personal pages :P)
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I'm very proud of this community, and it's done wonders in producing one of the fastest growing and most accurate lyrics sites on the net.  I would like to apologize for my bouts of absenteeism. 
I'm getting situated after moving from Brandon, MB to Goodlands, MB and still situating after moving from the US to Canada before that ;).
Things are slowly coming back into place, and I think we've finally got a stable internet connection, (despite it initially blowing two motherboards... but that's another story.)  So, my presence should return at least to the semi-regular state it should be ;).
If I do happen to 're-disappear' and there is something that needs my attention pronto, feel free to contact me 'username'@msn.com.  'username' being nanenj.  I do try to check that e-mail even when we're downgraded to dial-up.  On dial-up trying to browse the web and or post is just painful. 
Thank you all for you dedication and commitment.

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